The Youth Club of the Jewish Community of Zagreb (YC JCZ) gathers youths aged 18 to 35. The programme of work and activities of the Youth Club includes celebrations of Jewish holidays, socialization, lectures on various subjects, organization and participation in national and international seminars. Meetings of young people are held in the Youth Club in the community. The annual program and activities are funded through the JCZ budget.

The main goals of the work of JCZ Youth Club;

- the preservation of Jewish faith, tradition and identity, with particular emphasis on the education of the youngest;

- the establishment and maintenance of activities in the field of Jewish culture and education;

- Humanitarianism and social activities - Cedaka;

- combatting assimilation, anti-Semitism and all forms of hate speech and intolerance, as well as preserving the memory of the Holocaust.

- cooperation with Jewish organisations and other religious, national and humanitarian organisations that foster the same values.

JCZ YC is a member of the European Union of Jewish students (EUJS) and founder of CUJY.

If you want to get involved in the work of Youth CLub or Mini Youth Club of the JCZ, please contact the Office of the JCZ and/or YC JCZ:


Mini Youth Club JCZ (MYC JCZ)

The Mini Youth Club gathers a group of young people between the ages of 13 and 18 who meet twice a month.

The programs are about Judaism, the development of leadership skills, as well as those of an informal nature (Escape room, Treasure hunt or Games without borders). IOC participants also participate in the international programs of the international organization BBYO (B´nai B´rith Youth Organization), and thus travel the world, meet peers from other continents and make friends with young people from all over the world.

Croatian Union of Jewish Youth (CUJY)

The Croatian Union of Jewish Youth was created in 1992
in Zagreb and brings together young members of the Coordination of Jewish Communities of the Republic of Croatia.

Among the main goals of CUJY are to protect and spread the
values of Jewish culture and tradition, coordinate the activities of Jewish youth clubs in the Republic of Croatia, establish and maintain contacts with youth organizations in Croatia and the world, educate young people and children, and ensure the future of the Jewish community. Conduct seminars, cultural and other activities to enhance Jewish education.

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