Shoah Academy was established by the Jewish Community Zagreb and the Representative of the Jewish national minority in the City of Zagreb on January 25, 2012 as a logical continuation of programs and projects which began in 2004.From 2011 over 30,000 students from Croatia, Slovenia and Austria participated in educational programs of the Jewish Community Zagreb.

Shoah Academy is an educational project on Holocaust and human rights intended to identify tragic historical events, especially Holocaust, as the worst form of breach of human rights and to arouse awareness on civil and human rights and other forms of violence and intolerance in order to prevent any similar events in future. Programs prepared within this project provide an insight in Holocaust and human rights in the field of history, philosophy, psychology, arts, media, sociology and they comprehend circumstances and state of a wider community, combining lectures and discussions, testimonies of survivors as well as workshops supported by top level lecturers (prof. Krizmanić, Žarko Puhovski, prof. Neven Budak, Tvrtko Jakovina, prof. Hrvoje Klasić, Renato Matić, Zlatan Gelb and many others).

Therefore, the Academy has developed various programs adjusted to pupils of elementary and secondary schools and students, as well as special seminars for educational staff willing and able to implement the acquired knowledge in their everyday teaching. The Academy has been cooperating with the Education and Teacher Training Agency (ETTA) and the Ministry of Science and Education of Republic of Croatia as well as with institutions specialized in the field of Holocaust education like Yad Vashem, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and International Task Force for Holocaust Education.

Leader of the Shoah Academy is the Representative of the Jewish national minority in the City of Zagreb, Sanja Zoričić - Tabaković, who is also the initiator of the Academy.