The women's section of the JCZ was founded in 1887 and has retained its organisational form to this day. Following the Jewish tradition, our members have always been the centre of the family and social life of our community. They have carried the Jewish tradition from generation to generation. Judaism and philanthropy have always been an integral part of the society of the community. Their views, advice and especially their work have always been highly appreciated by the Jewish community.

Nowadays, the Women's Section of the JCZ and Senior Club (Geri Club) is the largest group of community activists, with an average age of about 70 years. They participate in all forms of social, religious and cultural life of the community and, according to their abilities, continue the tradition and work of the Women's Section of the JCZ.

Meetings, so-called "Women's Section Tea Parties" are held once a month, always at the same time, and these are gatherings with coffee, tea and cakes, often accompanied by a lecture or celebrations of any type. The work program of the Women's Section and Senior Club is approved at the beginning of the calendar year.

We look forward to having you here.

The JCZ Women`s section Readers' Club, founded in 2014, also operates within the Women's Section of the JCZ. The meetings, discuss Jewish authors, Israeli writers or books on Jewish subjects, and the moderator of the meeting is Narcisa Potežica. Everyone is welcome at the Readers' Club, even if someone did not manage to get or read the book, because our meetings and discussions confirm that it is nice to gather around the book in a friendly atmosphere and pleasant company at JCZ. The meetings are held every month.

The "Union of Jewish Women of Croatia" is an umbrella organization that brings together members of the "Women's Sections of Jewish Communities in Zagreb, Osijek, Split and Rijeka, and includes members of smaller Jewish communities in Croatia. Opatija) with reports and action programs. Union is member of the ICJW "International Council of Jewish Women", which brings together Jewish women's organizations from 47 countries and has its representatives in all important international forums and organizations. For us, the ICJW played a great role in times of war (donations, drugs, aid), they spread the truth about the Homeland war.

The President of the Union is Mrs.Melita Švob, PhD. She is a member of the ICJW Executive Council and was thanked for her many years of service.

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