Access to the Jewish community Zagreb must be reserved ahead of time.

Tourists or other gusts must provide the following information to e-mail of the JCZ Office: PDF scans of valid ID's or Passport pictures of every family member with whom the person would be accompanied.

We encourage you to read the information above thoroughly. We would like to remind you that the above documentation must be forwarded at least 24 hours prior to arrival. Failure to meet the said deadline may result in discarding your reservation.

Incomplete or partial requests aren't taken into consideration.

Reservation requests from family members or friends that don't meet the above requests are automatically discarded.

Safety rules of the Jewish community Zagreb

-we ask visitors to announce their arrival in advance,and to arrange with the JCZ Office the exact date and time of arrival
- upon entry, it is obligatory to present the identification document to the insurance officers (passport, identity card, EU driver's license issued after 1 January 2014)
- upon entering the facility, all visitors undergo a security check
- luggage and packages are not allowed
- it is not allowed to use electronic devices in the Synagogue and Club during the holidays (cameras, mobile phones, etc.)
- Unannounced visitors will not be allowed to enter
The Jewish community of Zagreb reserves the discretion to prohibit entry into the facility.
For more information, please contact the JCZ Office:
Security department of the Jewish Community Zagreb.