The Library of the Jewish Community of Zagreb is the only specialized library in the Republic of Croatia that collects and processes data from the area of Judaica (Jewish history and religion, fiction, Jewish authors, Israel, Hebrew, etc.)

The book collection consists of approximately 20,000 volumes in Hebrew, Croatian, English and German with a limited number of books in Hungarian, French and other languages. It includes around 7000 volumes in the hebraicae collection, around 7000 volumes in the loan fund and 5225 volumes in the dr. Lavoslav Šik legacy collection. The non book collection includes posters, music and other documents.


Dr. Lavoslav Šik's library is a separate library collection
(protected cultural property). Schick was born in Vienna in 1881 and came to Zagreb in 1891. He received his law degree and worked as a journalist and publicist. Bibliophile and collector, he collected one of the most important collections of Judaica from Eastern Europe. He was murdered at Jasenovac concentration camp in 1942.


Hebraicae's collection includes about 7,000 volumes in Hebrew or bilingual edition (mainly German-Hebrew) from the 16th to the 20th century.


The library is closed to the public for the time being. 


We will gladly advise you about Jewish literature, customs,
the Jewish community in Croatia, Israel...

Please send inquiries by email to the JCZ office at E-mail: jcz@zg.t-com.