"Mirjam Weiller" kindergarten is the one of most important social institutions of the Jewish Community Zagreb. The kindergarten operates in the Founder’s building – Jewish Community Zagreb – at the address Junija Palmotica st.16, Zagreb, and has two educational units - infants/toddlers (1-3 years) and kindergarten (3-7 years).

In accordance with the contemporary concept of early and preschool upbringing and education and considering actual needs of a child and his/her individuality, programs have been continuously coordinated with national requirements which make and integral part of the National Curriculum for Early and Preschool Upbringing and Education.

Program implementation goals are to establish conditions for full and harmonious development of a child’s individuality, contribute to a quality of their growing up and safeguarding conditions which guarantee development of all capabilities of each child providing equal possibilities to all children by:

• Satisfying specific communication, developmental and educational needs of a child

• Creating meaningful activities whereby a child shall be able to show his/her potentials

• Establishing creative environment (various materials for research and building, shaping, making)

• Educator’s attitude interested, but not directive

• Acquisition of skills necessary for satisfactory functioning within the social environment

Feeling of safety, individual approach, recognizing and satisfying children needs are prime movers of our considerations and actions. We try to respond to unique needs of each child having in mind and honoring children rights and differences in culture and tradition. Events outside of the kindergarten are offered and organized for the children as well as some additional programs within a 10-hour stay in the kindergarten.

Implemented programs are as follows:

1. Regular 10-hour program

2. Basics of Hebrew language and Jewish tradition and culture

3. Program of early learning of English language

4. Sports

5. Preschool program

Enrollment of a child is allowed during a pedagogic year, subject to free spaces.


"Mirjam Weiller" Kindergarten

Adress: ulica Junija Palmotica 16, 10000 Zagreb

OIB: 47536670280 ( Personal identification Number )

Tel: +385 1 4862-750

Web page: https://www.dvmw.hr/

E-mail: vrtic.mirjamw@gmail.com

Principle: Lea Volner Tudja

"Mirjam Weiller" Kindergarten Background

The kindergarten was founded in 1929 under the name "Gan", and it is currently named after the late pedagogy and activist Mirjam Weiller (1894-1942), who was lady principal and educator from its foundation until 1941. She was the first in Croatia to introduce working with preschool children under the Montesori Method. The kindergarten was opened again in 1947 and from 1989 it has been working in the building of the Jewish Community Zagreb, Palmoticeva 16.