Jewsers is the Zagreb klezmer band in which academically educated musicians are playing. It was formed in 2002 within the Jewish Community Zagreb. For a long time Jewsers were the only klezmer band in these regions and after the band has popularized klezmer as a musical orientation in these regions, other band in neighboring countries were formed and enriched the musical heritage of Ashkenazi and Sephardic songs. Beside introducing the klezmer to Croatian audience, critics has recognized the band as an interesting, innovative band of high quality in Croatia. The band became popular thanks to numerous appearances at different stages: from Dubrovnik Summer Festival, club stage, street festivals and international festivals at the "Vatroslav Lisinski" Concert Hall. It is not easy to describe the music played by Jewsers. They call their stile as a global klezmer – meaning American, Balkan, Middle East and Eastern European Klezmer amalgamated in one and flavoured by jazz, Roma music, Croatian folk dance, rock and Latin rhythms … and improvisation added. In 2003 Anubis records has published their first album - "Jewbox". The second live album was recorded in 2004 in Novi Sad, whereas the third was recorded for the Croatia Records under the title “Prašina od zlata“ /”Golden dust”/ in cooperation with Luka Nižetić, Ivan Banfić and the close-harmony singing group “Nostalgija” /”Nostalgia”/. Last study album was titled simply "Jewsers", although it was never officially published. It was created in cooperation with music greats like Neven Tabaković, Mladen Baraković, Neven Šverko, Jure Vrandečić and Ines Tričković.

Today, Jewsers are:

Melita Lovričević: vocal

Mario Igrec: guitar

Ozren Tabaković: percussion

Dinko Stipaničev: contrabass

Luka Žužić: piano and trombone

Bruno Philipp: clarinet