Established to mark the 210th anniversary of the Jewish Community Zagreb foundation (2016) and located in the Jewish Community Zagreb at Palmotićeva st. 16.

Selected exhibited works of art make a part of the Jewish Community Zagreb heritage collection. The collection primarily consists of sacral objects related to the divine service, holidays and festivities related to the home and family and regulated by the faith and tradition; they witness a spiritual life and identity of the Zagreb community which has been continuously active as of 1806. Multimedia supplements show contributions made in culture, arts, architecture and economy marking the City of Zagreb by the Zagreb Jews.

Exhibited objects show a high cultural level of those who lived with and used them. The entire museum setting keeps memories of remaining remnants of the huge Jewish heritage in Zagreb and Croatia and recalls on the tragedy suffered by the Jewish community.

This collection as well as majority of collections of the European Jewish communities was made by patient and careful collection of scattered, ravaged and alienated heritage. While most synagogues were demolished, burned and destroyed, movable treasure was saved although not always in the possession of those who were their true owners.

Over 150 objects are exhibited and the setting follows a Jewish life cycle. Beside the valuable exhibits made of metal and textile and other various objects of sacral arts, Torahs may be viewed as well - they represent the most valuable museum exhibits. Visitors and art admirers shall certainly pay great attention to the oldest exhibits, among which are books from the Schick Library from 16th century.

On working hours and visit to the Museum, please contact directly the Office of the Jewish Community Zagreb by e-mail: or telephone number: + 385 1 4922 692.

Entrance to the museum is charged.