Association of Holocaust Survivors in Croatia was founded in 2001 under the Jewish Community Zagreb with a task to gather Holocaust survivors and represent their interests and provide support in execution of their rights.

The Association is a member of international organizations which are gathering Holocaust survivors (World Federation of Jewish child survivors of the Holocaust and descendants / WFJCSHD, New York) and the  European Association of the Holocaust Survivors (EUAS, Amsterdam).

Mrs.Melita Švob is the President of the Association of Holocaust Survivors in Croatia.

Prevailing activity of the Association complies with activities and tasks of the World and European Organization of Holocaust Survivors: "We represent the European Jews who are Holocaust survivors. During the Nazi era we were persecuted and forced to live in ghettos and camps or to hide. Some of us fled throughout the Europe in attempt to escape the Nazi persecution. Our goal is to represent interests of all Jews who survived and are currently living in Europe. We shall support each other and keep alive the memory on six million Jews killed by Nazi and their collaborators. We shall pass our legacy on future generations. We shall fight against anti-Semitism".


Association of Holocaust Survivors in Croatia 

Adress: Junija Palmotica 16,10000 Zagreb

Telephone: + 385 1 4835 142 and + 385 1 48 25 147

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Mrs. Melita Švob, PhD. President of the Association