"Milan and Ivo Steiner“ Gallery is active within the Jewish Community Zagreb. In its exhibit activities it is focused to a Jewish visual art and promotion of themes related to the Jewish cultural heritage. Authors of exhibits are well-known art historians. In addition to the layout at the Jewish Community, the Steiner Gallery continuously cooperates with layout of exhibits in premises of the Cultural Informative Center in Zagreb, HAZU ( Croatian Academy of Sciences & Arts) Museum of Sculpture, Kranjčar Gallery, Museum of Arts and Crafts, A.T.Mimara Museum.

In its holdings the Gallery has a few dozen paintings of numerous well-known authors without whom the modern and contemporary Croatian visual arts are unthinkable.

Among numerous authors of arts are Milan and Ivo Steiner, Alfred Pal, Ivo Rein, Djuro Tiljak, Oskar Herman, Rafael Talvi, Vera Dajht Kralj, Stella Skopal, Živa Kraus, Vera Fischer, Zlatko Bourek, Toni Franović, Tamara Ukrainčik and others.

Furthermore, in the holdings is the Ivan Meštrović’s "Mojsije" /”Moses”/ sculpture.

Gallery receives financial support from the Jewish community Zagreb, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Office of Culture of the City of Zagreb.

Ms Ariana Kralj is the President of the "Milan i Ivo Steiner" Gallery Council.