Cultural Society "Miroslav Šalom Freiberger" is an association founded in 1989 in the Jewish Community Zagreb, and named after the Zagreb rabbi Miroslav Šalom Freiberger, who was killed in Auschwitz in 1943. The association cooperates with the Jewish COmmunity Zagreb, other Jewish municipalities on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, other cultural societies, organizations and scientific institutions in Croatia and abroad. The goals of the Society are the promotion, development and advancement, study and nurturing of traditional values of Jewish spiritual and material culture, as a contribution to the general cultural and scientific life in the Republic of Croatia, gathering both Jews and friends and sympathizers, cultural and scientific workers from the Republic of Croatia who do not belong the Jewish community, and they have an interest in studying science, history and culture of Jews, thereby contributing to the overall cultural and scientific life in the Republic of Croatia. The Society operates in accordance with its goals in the field of human rights. From 1993, it published "Novi Omanut" - a contribution to Jewish history and culture, which was edited by Branko Polić for many years.

The main activities of the Society are assisting, developing and carrying out library, study, publishing, scientific research, IT, museum and archival activities on Jewish history, culture and art, publishing and distributing books of cultural and historical significance for Judaism, especially by authors from the territory of the Republic of Croatia, organizing and holding lectures, consultations, public forums, round tables and other professional and scientific gatherings, exhibitions and musical evenings related to the objectives of the Association, organizing and assisting the participation of members and representatives of the Society in the work of professional and scientific gatherings in the country and abroad at which cultural and scientific issues of Judaism are treated.


Cultural Society "Miroslav Šalom Freiberger"

Address: Palmotićeva 16, 10000 Zagreb

Phone: + 385 1 4817 655

E-mail: (attn.mario Braun)

President: Mario Braun