Research and Documentation Center CENDO was founded in Zagreb in 2000. Founders are CLAIMS Conference (Project 82-6111-1), JOINT and the Jewish Community Zagreb. CENDO has been registered as an independent organization in March 2002 and entered in the Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia and the Scientific Associations of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Under the registry file with the Ministry of Science (March 14, 2002), principal activities of CENDO are cooperation and encouragement of scientific workers and experts as well as members of the Jewish community of Croatia on gathering, preservation and research of materials, documents and testimonies related to Jews in Croatia, creation of the data base on Holocaust victims in Croatia; work on scientific and expert projects; research related to the Holocaust in Croatia.


Research and Documentation Center CENDO

Adress: Junija Palmotica 16, 10000 Zagreb

TEL: + 385 1 48 35 142

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Director: Mrs. Melita Švob, PhD