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  • Snješka Knežević i Aleksander Laslo,
  • Published:2011.
  • ISBN:978-953-174-393-8
  • Publisher:Representative of the Jewish national minority in the City of Zagreb and the Jewish community Zagreb
  • Language:
  • Number of pages:191

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The idea behind this guide was to bring its readers to the culture and art, architecture and the economy where Jews left their mark on Zagreb, but it also meant to show what Zagreb meant to them. Even a fleeting glance at the time when the community of Jews of Zagreb began, grew, and flourished will help make visible the deep traces the Jews have left here. Regrettably, World War II stopped their ascent and, as a result of the Holocaust, the Croatian Jewish community has all but disappeared. This is why the Guide dips so much into the past. many of the addresses are no longer there, and many of the places have been occupied by others. We recall them in the Guide, hence today`s topography is overshadowed by the topography of the past. We present the most important public buildings and other creative achievements, particularly in the arts, that were the work of Jews, and which shaped the urban and cultural identity of Zagreb. We profile the people to whom our community and city are indebted. But the Guide also brings its readers the here and now, and on its pages everyone will be able to read our belied in the future.

Sanja Zoričić - Tabaković

Representative of the Jewish Minority of the City of Zagreb