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  • Author:prof. Neven Budak, prof. Tvrtko Jakovina, prof. Hrvoje Klasić, prof. Žarko Puhovski, prof. Snježana Koren,
  • Published:2021.
  • ISBN:978-953-49219-0-6
  • CIP:001077482
  • Publisher:Predstavnik židovske nacionalne manjine Grada Zagreba, Židovska općina Zagreb, Šoa akademija
  • Language:
  • Number of pages:188

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If you have ever wondered why Jews celebrate a particular holiday or observe a specific ritual or custom, The Jewish Book of Why will surely provide the answer. Since its initial publication in 1981, this best-selling volume has been an essential resource for Jews seeking to better understand their own heritage and for non-Jews desirous of understanding the lifestyle of their neighbors.

In this now-classic work, Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch presents hundreds of questions frequently asked about Jewish belief and practice and provides answers that are concise, clear, and straightforward. Whether discussing the celebration of milestone events, the definition of Jewish identity, conversion from another faith, death and mourning practices and procedures, synagogue ritual, or the rationale behind the kosher dietary laws, he presents the range of views held by the major Jewish denominations: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist. The information is presented simply and objectively, replacing confusion and misconception with knowledge and understanding.

Enhanced by an index that makes the information readily accessible, The Jewish Book of Why is authoritative, enlightening, and indispensable.