Mixed choir of the Jewish Community Zagreb LIRA (MCJCZ ”LIRA“) was established in 1954 by the Jewish Community Zagreb under the name “Moša Pijade“ which was changed into MCJCZ ”LIRA“ later on with intention to preserve all sorts of Jewish choral songs from oblivion after the Holocaust (synagogal/liturgical, Yiddish, Spanish/Sephardim romances and Hebrew folk songs).

During years and considering its activities within the Croatia as well as passing over the Jewish culture and tradition, the repertory of the LIRA choir extended to Croatian folk songs – authentic and in artistic interpretation, as well as spiritual songs from all eras and authors (both, domestic and foreign), prepared for certain occasions.

For years the LIRA choir has promoted the Jewish musical culture, Croatian cultural heritage and acted as an ambassador in promotion and recognition of Croatian composers and score writers as well as world known composers of choir music.

During 65 years of its existence numerous tours of the “LIRA” choir were organized on 4 continents and 20 metropolises – almost throughout the entire Europe, twice in the US (New York, Washington, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, etc.), once in Canada (Toronto) and Australia (Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney) and six times in Israel.

LIRA choir won numerous international and domestic awards at international competitions and festivals. The choir was awarded the Zagreb City Award for the year 1996.

Famous Croatian conductors conducted the choir - Emil Cossetto, Tomislav Uhlik and from 2004 Robert Homen, doc. is the choir conductor.



Ulica Junija Palmotica 16,

10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

OIB (Personal identification number): 23594185303

E-mail: lira.mpz@gmail.com

Web page: https://lirampz.wixsite.com/zbor-lira

President: Slaven Maslać