In over 27 European countries and more than 280 cities, at the beginning of September every year, the Jewish community of Zagreb celebrates the European Day of Jewish Culture and Heritage. This Day is dedicated to the promotion of Jewish heritage and highlighting its belonging to the European cultural circle. The aim of the event is to acquaint the public with the values ​​of cultural heritage in the areas where Jews lived and the importance that is attached to heritage, tradition and memory in Judaism. For European Jews, the issue of heritage has special meaning, because during the Holocaust most of the tangible heritage was destroyed, looted and alienated, and many forms of intangibles were destroyed. In all European environments where Jewish communities have been maintained or renewed, efforts are being made to present with dignity the preserved remnants of the artistic work of generations and to create something new for future generations.

Jewish creativity and heritage are recognized as an important part of Europe's historical and cultural identity. Since 2004, the Jewish community of Zagreb has also contributed to the celebration of the European Day of Jewish Culture and Heritage.

We are aware of its great symbolic importance: it represents both the common and the different and shows that we can, want and know how to nurture the community no matter how different we are. At the same time, it is an attempt to protect Jewish heritage in every way possible and present it to the public with the aim of better getting to know and understand Judaism and the Jewish community.

Within the mentioned program, occasional exhibitions, presentations, lectures and public appearances are organized.